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This Just In

by Attention Anyone

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mitch dum
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mitch dum If you ever feel sick of listening to terrible bands then just stop, and listen to Attention Anyone! Favorite track: This Just In.
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This Just In 01:27
Would you even notice? Would you even fucking care? If you closed your eyes, and I was not there. Would you blink? Would you think twice? If I shut the door and walked out of your life. You've got me hanging on the sidelines, like I was just a passerby. Warming the bench for you and your friends. Every word I said could be so easily erased. I wouldn't have to try to disappear without a... Trace is all you left me when you flicked me on stand-by. But I'll be there hanging on, waiting at the end of the line. For the one day you'll notice me and bring me back to life, so I'll be hanging on until you come around.
You never took a chance, you never rolled the dice. You never just jumped, you always had to look twice. You never did what you wanted to do. You always did what the world expected you to. Doesn't it seem funny to you, to chase the shadow that you'll never catch up to? You'll keep clawing at the concrete, breaking nails and dragging your feet. Grasping at straws for anything to hold on to. You hide your words with your teeth, I wear my heart on my sleeve. You bite your tongue until it bleeds. Hold back your breath until you can't breathe. Choke on the words you'll never speak. You never mattered much to me. You look so far ahead, you never closed your eyes. You idly sat back as the world passed you by. You never did what you wanted to do. You always did what the world expected you to. Going nowhere fast, feet cemented firmly in the past. Holding on to demons as if it was yesterday. But who am I to say what's really going on? Skeletons in my closet fifteen years strong.
90 Edgehill 02:37
Tiptoeing on eggshells and walking on glass. Can you remember a good time you had? With burnouts cruising the hallway, bottle in hand, in this smoky apartment that you couldn't stand. You smile, shrug, and shake it off. The lump in your throat and the hole in your heart. You smile, shrug, and shake it off. You'll swallow it. I'll sew you up. You'll be just fine. You smile, shrug, and shake it off, like it meant nothing to you. Even though, we all know, the hell he dragged you through. Hands tied, head down, eyes closed. Down the only one way road you've ever known. Waiting for the light to change and your hands to be set free. It's killing me that I can't save you. No matter how I try, I can't make it up to you. As your world falls apart at the seams, let me pull you back together. Broken hearts. Broken bones. In broken homes.
Feeble Guts 02:52
I'm in over my head. I'm a self-destructive mess. I've done everything I thought I could, to pull myself out of this wreck. I'll take these paper planes and ride them until the wings collapse. It'll surely crash and burn, I'll go down so fast. But when I fold and crumple, when I bend and snap. There is no hope for this heart. No faith left on me. Just these feeble guts I've spilled, waiting for the strong willed to rescue me. I'm burning up. Goddammit I'm burning out. I'm coming unwound, I've come undone. The edges are tattered, the ends are frayed. Just a shadow of what they used to be. I'm falling down, I'm falling through. I've come unglued.
Crash Course 04:05
There'll be borders, there'll be boundaries. But these lines, they mean nothing now. I know which roads will take us home, but it's not where I want to go. Yeah, we've all got dreams but I'm a dreamer. So won't you help me make them come true? I'm on a crash course to anywhere. Anywhere with you. Crossing state lines, burning turnpikes. Fighting back my heavy eyes. False starts and missed takes. Maps have been misplaced. We work best aimless anyway. Get in the car, point the compass to anywhere. I don't care where we go, as long as we get there. Don't worry about directions, I'm not scared of getting lost. I've already found myself in you. With a stack of records and a half a tank of gas. Road signs and rock songs are all we have. The road seems endless on this thirteen hour drive. But we'll keep driving until the asphalt meets the sky.


Equal parts fun and furious.


released November 19, 2013

Recorded in the spring of 2013 at MOJO Studios in Barrie, ON, Canada.

Recorded and mixed by Neil Devereaux
Mastered by João Carvalho
Produced by Neil Devereaux


all rights reserved



Attention Anyone Barrie, Ontario

Equal parts fun and furious. Punk rock like you used to like in high-school.

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